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Ningguo Zhongchuang Technology Seals Co., Ltd. is located in Building 14, Zhongyi Industrial Plaza, Dongcheng Avenue, Heli Park, Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xuancheng, Anhui Province. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the company has passed ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality management system in 2015, and is currently implementing IATF quality assurance system, and all products are in accordance with IATF16949 mode for process management.
Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces the following rubber products: rectangular sealing rings, rubber seals, rectangular rubber sealing rings, rubber sealing rings, O-type sealing rings, leather bowls, sealing gaskets, automotive rubber seals, rubber products, mechanical seals and various automotive shock absorbing rubber products, automotive brake rubber products, oil seals, O-rings, dust covers, rubber gaskets, etc. and conductive and insulating products, flame retardant products and auxiliary earrings ROHS standard environmental protection products, these products are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, hydraulics, pneumatics, Loading construction machinery, petrochemical metallurgical machinery and other high-tech fields.

Professional R & D production team

Strict product control ability

The company strictly controls product quality, has a perfect quality system, continuous improvement, APQP product data management system, supply chain management, vulcanization control management

Zhongchuang technology enterprise strategy
Hydraulic oil is used as the working medium in the hydraulic transmission system, which plays the role of energy transfer, conversion and control, and also plays the lubrication, corrosion prevention
Rubber seals play an important role in mechanical equipment, the quality of seals will directly affect the equipment, the following introduces the factors that affect the quality of seals.1. Inter...
When oil leakage is found in the seal, check whether there are abnormal phenomena in the seal area first. Usually, there are two situations to judge.Class: when the seal is not abnormal1. Oil leaka...
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Building 14, Zhongyi Industrial Plaza, Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui, China
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